Giving and Receiving

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This time of year we often think a lot about giving and receiving. We think about the people we love and we try to find ways to give to them as a way of communicating our love. We also contemplate the gifts we will receive and the love behind each gift.

I will admit that I am far better at giving than I am receiving. I have been in a position for several weeks, because of my health, where I have really only been able to receive. It’d been very uncomfortable for me, in all honesty.

This next week I have a minor surgery scheduled and am going to allow myself the freedom to receive. Several friends have graciously offered to help out with dinners and other loving acts of kindness. It will be a stretch for me, but the reality is this is still all about my transformational recovery!

I will be reposting some of the more popular posts from this year during the week next week. I hope you enjoy the reminders, if you’ve been reading for a while. Or if you’re new, I hope you enjoy them for the first time!


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