The bright side of Community

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We are all humans and we are all imperfect. Those realities can make community messy and sometimes even dark. None of us will ever experience perfection…in ourselves, our families, our friendships, or in our communities. What does happen in each of those places is that God miraculously shows up in them. He shows up in our humanity and He brings with Him light, life, love, and hope!

I experienced that very thing just a few minutes ago. I work on a staff of imperfect people working together to build a church for imperfect people. There has been a strange rumbling of life, imperfection, and humanity that has invaded our staff and their families in the last few weeks. The rumblings vary from health issues to floods and a wide variety of circumstances in between. Much of the rumbling came to a crescendo this weekend when one of our own had an accident that has threatened to take sight away in one eye.

Today, a room overflowed with loving and prayerful people to rally around this community we are a part of and pray. It was a sacred time of pausing and focusing our attention on where God is at work and how we can participate in His story. There was an overwhelming spirit of love, hope, and togetherness that God was viscerally involved in. The gathering of people can feel supportive and loving, but couple that with the palpable truth of Gods presence and light suddenly floods the space. It was an incredibly bright spot of community.

We are created for community and our imperfections and humanness bring darkness to that space. We often run from, isolate, and hide when we bump into the darkness of humanity in relationship. I suggest that we have another choice! We have the choice to stay in community, remain engaged, knowing and trusting that there is a bright side to community! When God is intricately involved and invited into that space, we experience the divinely bright side of community!

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