Stillness of Thanksgiving

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The stillness of the holidays is such a mysteriously beautiful thing. We, as Americans, are rarely every still. But this time of year, we corporately slow down and enter into a place of stillness. I love how Thanksgiving promotes a spirit of stillness in this busy and active nation.

Beginning today, offices, schools, banks, churches, and stores start to close. People take a deep breath and stop moving so fast. We spend the next four days with family and friends, watching football, decorating trees, playing games, watching movies, and taking time to just slow down and be grateful for our lives and the people in them.

I love that tomorrow is a day where our whole nation stops, for just a minute, to be still enough to acknowledge the people and blessings around them and be thankful. That stillness if such sharp contrast to the way we operate as a culture and it is such a beautiful mystery!

I have many things to be grateful for this year, but am surprised by this early morning revelation about our country being still for a day. I will add that to my long list and thank God for the beautiful mystery of stillness that Thanksgiving brings!

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