Thirsty Ground

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A beautiful sound woke me up in the middle of the night last night. A proper Texas thunderstorm! I honestly, can’t remember the last one we had this year. It was such an amazing sound to hear the thunder rattle the windows. It was refreshing to hear the rain fall hard on the ground, beat on the house, and pour over the side of the roof. It was strangely comforting to see flashes of lightning lighting up the dark sky. I could almost hear the thirsty ground soak in the rain with a sigh of relief. To think about our drought stricken land soaking in an abundance of the one thing it was so desperate for makes me think of two things this morning.

Frist, it makes me think about my own soul and the places it resembles the thirsty ground outside my door. My soul craves those surprising experiences with God that rattle the windows. Those strangely comforting times when He shows up in my humanity and lights the sky around me. I am thirsty for an encounter with Him that leaves my thirsty soul soaked.

Second, it makes me think of the parts of the globe I have seen (and not seen) that hunger and thirst on a daily basis for food and water. I’m reminded of the village we visited earlier this year in Haiti, called Leveque. I think of those sweet Haitian kids and their moms walking for miles to get less than 5 gallons of water for their family for an entire day. I am reminded of the kids we visited in Kenya who walk for miles barefooted to get to the school where they will receive their only two meals of the day.

We are that thirsty ground in so many ways! Our souls are thirsty for divine rain to flood us with love, joy, and peace. Our land is thirsty for the rain it needs to provide life. Our globe, and it’s inhabitants, are hungry and thirsty for life’s basic needs of food and water. As I celebrate the proper Texas thunderstorm, I am also inspired to remember other places and people who are thirsty ground waiting and praying for a similar experience in their lives!

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