Packing Shoe boxes

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So many fellow Americans will find themselves at the mall today or on They will begin the frenzy we know as “Christmas Shopping.” It’s that time of year where we feel the holidays coming and the excitement is in the air. The excitement gives way to feelings of holiday warmth, generosity, and joy. This year, our family has made a decision to make a deliberate and intentional effort to give more this year. I don’t mean give each other or our family more gifts. We are making a deliberate effort to think of others who have far less than us and take the opportunity to give to them instead of ourselves.

One of the ways we are doing that is tonight! We are having an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party at our house! Samaritan’s Purse is a global non-profit that delivers Christmas gifts to kids all over the world. Later this evening our house will be full of families with shoe boxes and gifts for kids of all ages. We will wrap and pack those boxes, include our photos, some letters, and prepare them to be shipped somewhere across the globe. In a few short weeks, a child will open that box and it will brighten their face!

The fact that we have a home, more than one car, clothes on our back, food, and running water makes us among the richest people on the planet! I’d love to see this holiday season be lived out in my family in light of that reality. If you’re interested in getting involved and packing some shoe boxes of your own, check out Samaritan’s Purse today!

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