Mental overload


Today I need my brain to be fully engaged in my second conference of the week. I really want to be fully present, but can feel the effects of mental overload setting in this morning.

It’s interesting how quickly our minds can become overloaded, really. Whether it is through learning, problem solving, strategizing, thinking, or a host of other mental activities we find ourselves activating. It’s generally true that when we find ourselves in overload we choose a few strategies to compensate. We often choose to withdraw, shut down, or escape as a means of coping with the overload.

I’m struck by the thought of how often we use those same strategies emotionally and even spiritually. How often do we desire to be spiritually engages and present and jut find ourselves on overload. We then find ourselves choosing to withdraw, shut down, or escape from God and whatever activity He is activating around us.

So today, I need to make a conscious choice to engage and be present, both mentally and spiritually. It is not going to just happen because I want it to. I am going to have to actively and consciously choose to be present and be very intentional about engaging.

Where are you on the overload scale? Do you find yourself withdrawing, shutting down, or escaping? Are you finding it an effort to be present and engaged?

2 thoughts on “Mental overload

  1. Stress management and finding a life balance are one of the biggest struggles I see every day. In our fast paced world it’s so easy to overload our schedules, our minds and anything else we can find! I think the trick is to keep a good perspective of what’s important in life. For most of us that will be things like spending time with family, traveling and relaxing. So we need to schedule in time for these just like we do work! It helps prevent burnout drastically.

  2. Thats a GREAT point! Scheduling time to live out our values like family, travel, relaxatuon, and hobbies is part of what balances the iverload we feel! If I’m being honest, my calendar does not always reflect those values in a balanced way, which is why I often find myself overloaded. Thanks for the valueable input and perspective!

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