Drawing a blank

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Well, this morning, I am drawing a blank. My mind is empty. I have no ideas and nothing to say. Oh, these are the mornings that blogging is so difficult. The mornings that I wake up in a fog and my head seems to stay in bed, while the rest of me moves on with my day. Some days the ideas are born with passion, creativity, and intensity. Other days I hear crickets chirping in my head and can’t seem to get past it.

I recognize it is days like today that, in past, have made me stop writing, quit being consistent, “take some time off”, and all sorts of other excuses. I’ve allowed the mornings that I draw a blank to define my abilities. I’ve allowed the creative wall to speak lies over me. “You have nothing to say.” “You have used all your creative energy and you have nothing left.” “You aren’t really that good a writer if you have no ideas!” The tapes in my head seem to be on high-speed and fast forward on days like today.

But today, I’m choosing to write anyway. Even if the topic is the frustration at not having anything to write about…it’s something! It’s funny when we buy the lies that usually keep us stuck we stay stuck! But, when we challenge the lie, even with something as simple as writing about nothing, we move forward! Today, in all honesty, as I stared at the empty screen with nothing in my head, I just wanted to quit. Instead, I challenged the lies, pushed forward, and am one day closer to seeing this project to completion!

What areas are you stuck in? What lies do you need to challenge in your life? What simple action step can you take to move you forward today?

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