Half Term Envy

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Alright, I admit, I have Half Term envy! You see, living in England, we got very used to the rhythm of life there and enjoyed it a lot. Our favorite thing about the rhythm of life was Half Term Break. The kids would start school and go for 6 weeks and then get a week of vacation. This was usually the time that we would go on trips or sometimes just stay home and take advantage of the rest. When we returned from England, Todd has continued that rhythm by taking the last week of October off every year. I admit today, as Todd enjoys his vacation and I continue to receive emails from the UK telling about all the wonderful deals this Half Term, I have a bad case of Half Term envy!

The pace of life here in America has got my mind, body, and soul in desperate need of rest. It is such a hard thing to do and find in our culture. We have such a “hurry up”, “be successful,” “faster,” “right now,” and “don’t stop” mentality. I am not sure I noticed it as much before we went to the UK, but have certainly noticed it since. Europeans vacation several times a year and throughout the year. The rhythm of life includes and celebrates rest, stopping, and relaxing. As a matter of fact, I might be so bold to say that rest and relaxation is actually honored and celebrated by the rhythm of life.

I’ve been thinking this morning that our rhythm of life is either something that gives us life or takes our life. A rhythm that is too fast and too hard will slowly suck the life right out of us. A rhythm that is too slow might actually snuff the light of life from us. I think my Half Term envy is based in my desire to find just the right rhythm of life that will ignite creativity, passion, joy, and life. So, I suppose my quest and adventure for this week is to try to balance my own rhythm in a way that gives me life…even without a Half Term Break.

What about you? What kind of rhythm do you live by? Is your pace of life giving or taking away from your joy, creativity, balance, and passion? What would it take for you to find balance?

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