Season of Vitamin C

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Well, it’s that season again…the season of Vitamin C in my house. Low grade fevers, sniffles, sore throats, and tired teens. The weather here in Texas has made the dramatic shift towards fall and that always brings with it a variety of viruses, sicknesses, and sore stuff. I am not totally sure what it is, but it happens almost every year. There is this vivacious life that happens in the summer. The heat of the summer seems to promote life, health, and energy. And yet, every year, at the onset of fall the season of vitamin C inevitably comes. We are pumping everyone with orange juice and vitamin C every morning for breakfast this time of year.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had recently with someone making a similar statement about their spiritual life. Their soul experiences those seasons of summer where there is life, health, and energy. They can connect to God as easily as a kid to a pool on a hot summer day. And then the inevitable happens, the season of all of our souls eventually moves away from summer and into Autumn. Our soul feels the shift and finds itself with low-grade fevers, sniffles, loss of energy, etc. Our soul finds itself in the season of vitamin C. A season where our soul just needs an extra boost to keep us healthy.

I wonder, when you are in the Autumn of your soul and need an extra boost, how do you find it? What do you do to keep your soul healthy?


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