On the road again

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It’s been a busy week and busy morning. I’ve been trying to get myself “On the Road again” today. Sadly, this morning I discovered that there were a couple of things I had not yet fully unpacked from my last trip. 🙂 I have that strange feeling like my arms, hands, and bags are full…but I am certain I have forgotten something.

I’m at the airport this morning on my way to New Mexico. Last time I was there, two weeks ago, was for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta with my family. This time, I am going for a very different reason. I am going to spend the weekend with Paragon Church. I am excited to speak at Divine Mosaic.

I would love to give you a sneak peek on all the writing I have done in the last few weeks, but will wait for that until after this weekend. My heart and head have been immersed in ideas about how God takes the broken pieces of our lives and creates a Divine Mosaic that points the world back to His love. I’ve spent time looking over my own story and all the broken pieces God has fused together to create a masterpiece out of me. It will be fun to share with you guys some things that I get to try out on a live audience first!

So, would love to tell you more, but look like it is going to be a short little post for this morning, as my flight is going to be called any moment now!

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