I’m going to dig me a hole

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My family has this very endearing and hilarious habit about movie quotes or funny sayings. Once we adopt something into our family vernacular, it is there forever. We use it in every and any situation, even when it’s not totally fitting. The one we kept quoting yesterday, from the movie RV with Robin Williams, was, “I’m going to dig me a hole.” We took it totally out  of context, as it applied to a very different situation, but we said it all day.

You see, we are in the process of building a pond in our backyard. I have had the vision for this pond for a very long time. After returning from the 4 day retreat I went on, building this pond is my first bold action step. Building a pond definitely takes boldness and action! This pond I have envisioned, is no small pond either. It took me over a week to get the outer design just right. With rock, a garden hose, a can of orange spray paint, and some patience, I finally found the design I was looking for.

So, with gloves, shovels, and pick ax in hand my husband and I spent the whole afternoon working on the outline of the pond. Last week it was an orange outline in my back yard. This morning it is the obvious design of an astounding pond that will one day offer a space of peace and serenity. I would continue to paint the mental picture for you, but after 237 words, the blisters on my hands have been pushed to their limit!

More to come on my story of us digging a hole!

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