Open confession


So today, after 230 days of consistent writing…I confess that my tank is feeling a bit empty. Waking up before the sun to communicate inspirational and motivational words of hope and healing is proving quite a challenge this week. Did I mention that I insanely chose about 6 months ago to cut caffeine out of my daily experience? It was this very practical and responsible decision that was chosing rest and healthy sleep over my addiction to coffee and Dr. Pepper. I confess today, that some caffeine during these quiet and dark hours could potentially spark some creativity in this foggy mind of mine!

Confession is a funny thing, isn’t it? It has this miraculous power to bring healing and relief. I mean, I have been feeling like my tank was empty all week and yet I kept it inside. I didn’t communicate it or refer to it. I just locked it away and lived and acted as if it wasn’t really there. I tried to make it not real by avoiding it. The reality is that it has effected me in negative ways all week. I wrestled with it, I tried to just press through it, and none of those tactics or choices brought me relief. I can honestly say, choosing to confess it, however silly that may seem, has brought me the relief I was looking for all week!

It brings my mind to think about how this applies to our real lives. How many habits, attitudes, beliefs, and actions do we carry around with us that weigh us down on a regular basis? How many choices and tactics do we try that will bring us relief? Funny thing is, the one thing that will bring us true relief is often the one thing we avoid with passion! I love the way James, Jesus’ disciple, communicates about confession,

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so God can heal you. When a believing person prays, great things happen.

Recognizing that there are so many things we carry around with us everyday that weigh us down and make us unwell. How beautifully simplistic the gift of confession is to us! Applied to a small thing like my writing funk this week, its astounding. I simply confess to you that I am in a funk, some of you choose to pray for me in this area, and God responds by healing me. I have wrestled and struggled alone in it all week, finding no relief or healing. Because of one brave choice to invite you and God in, I find relief and healing.

If it is that simple and astounding for such a small thing, imagine how profound this could impact major areas of our lives! Think about that habit that you just cannot seem to let go of, no matter how hard you try. Think of that attitude that infects your relationships and causes destruction. Think of that belief that you carry that seems to seep into every situation and bring pain, confusion, and frustration. Think of that hidden addiction or secret that you are fearful to tell anyone about. Imagine the intense and powerful healing that simple confession can bring to those areas of your life!

Open confession is a scary thing, that is for sure. In a trusted relationship with someone you know really cares about you, it is a gift! What is weighing you down today that you need to find freedom from? Can you find the courage for some open confession?

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