Reality is not always fun

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Vacation and rest is such a wonderful thing. Something happens to my soul where it feels like it enlarges and is able to breathe deeper on vacation. My soul comes alive where there is adventure and exploration. The only bad thing about vacation, is that it has to end. Waiting on the other side of vacation is always reality. Let’s face it, reality is not always fun.

Reality contains responsibility, discipline, consistency, commitment, and other ingredients that do not always find themselves companions of adventure. It’s a tension I live with often. How do I find ways to make my everyday reality an adventure? How do I allow reality to breathe life into my soul? I have not fully solved this mystery in my life.

I feel the weight of the tension today. As I am up before the sun, facing a day of responsibility, schedules, and reality, I am asking those questions with ferocity. Where do I find adventure in reality today? How do I allow my soul the freedom of exploration in the busyness of reality? I’m totally open to suggestion today!

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