Bucket List Day

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I admit it. I am one of those spazzy people who have an actual bucket list! I am an insatiable dreamer and just can’t help myself. Add to that, I have a deep desire for adventure. It’s a perfect storm for a Bucket List really! Today, I get to experience something that has been on my list for a long time now. My family and I are in the mountains outside Albuquerque and will be attending the Balloon Festival this weekend. The excitement is thick in the air and the anticipation is palpable!

Dreams are important because they fuel our souls. A life that has no dream, no expectation, and no adventure is a bit like a car in the driveway with no gas. Our lives and souls are meant to be fueled by quest for adventure, pursuit of the miraculous, and a drive to see the impossible. I really don’t think God created and designed us in His image to live monotonous, dull, and mundane lives. I mean think about it…Have you ever seen the Rocky Mountains? Stood by the side of the ocean? Watched the sunset paint the sky? Experienced the birth of a child? God is an exciting, vibrant, and adventurous Creator and we were made in His image.

So today, I will step into my identity as a child of the divine, miraculous, adventurous, and vibrant Creator! My family and I will experience the journey together with hopeful exploration! My camera and I will celebrate perspectives, colors, and dreams today.

What about you? Do you have a Bucket List? What dreams and adventures await you? What journey are you longing to experience? What dream are you hopeful to explore? For today, I will celebrate all of our dreams and God’s Creative nature by saying… Happy Bucket List Day!

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