Dry and parched

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I have experienced extremes in weather in the last several years. Texas has unique weather, especially central Texas. We have long hot summers, which I love, and pretty mild winters. Every couple of years, we get a treat and even have an inch or two of snow, or ice, in the winter. My family temporarily relocated from Texas to England for a year and a half. During that time we experienced the uniqueness of the weather on the other side of the pond. There was a lot of rain, the winter is bitter cold and dark with very short bursts of sunlight, and there was a lot of rain. The summers are in exact contrast, except for the rain. The days are warm and have very little darkness, with long, long days of beautiful sunshine, and there is also a lot of rain.

So, while I was in England, I will admit, I complained about the rain…a lot. I mean really, no exaggeration, there was A LOT of rain! In returning to Texas, I was excited about a nice, long, hot and dry summer. This year has been an extreme version of that! We are almost to October and we are still experiencing days over 100f. We have set all sorts of records for heat and drought. Central Texas has become a desert this summer and is completely dry and parched. As our community sits on the edge of our seats looking every day to see if the temperatures are going to drop and to look into the horizon to find signs of rain, my thoughts turn inward. My heart begins to beat a little harder as I start to do an internal examination of my soul. When I look at the landscape of my soul, I begin to see similarities to the landscape around me.

I realize that my soul is dry and parched. It cries out for refreshment and nourishment. My soul desires to see a rain fall from the sky that will soak the ground of my heart. A rain that will bring growth and healing. I recognize that I desire the hope that a fresh and hard rain brings with it in a season of drought. My soul longs for relief from the feelings of being dry and parched. My eyes look to the horizon for a rain that will heal our dry and parched land and my soul is in unity as it looks for the same thing.

My mind is drawn to think about David, King of Israel. There was a time when he was on the run, hiding, and living in the wilderness. He wrote this from some craggy rock in Judah,

You, God, are my God,
   earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you,
   my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land
   where there is no water.

I have experienced the extremes in weather from Texas to England and my soul has done the same. My soul has experienced the cold and dark winters where the sun never shone and the rain never stopped. It has experienced the beauty of Spring with all its growth and life. It has experienced seasons of rain where it was flooded by all that God had to offer. It has experienced Autumn’s when all that was living began to die and give way to a new season. It is right now in a hot, hot Texas summer draught that mimics my surroundings exactly.

 The words of David are the cry of my soul this morning. My soul looks to God for the hope of rain in my soul that will bring relief from the draught. My soul is sitting on the edge of its seat looking to the horizon for the first sign of clouds that carry that healing rain. It desires to have the rains that never stop. I am a thirsty soul. I am a soul that is dry and parched and desperate for God’s rain.

Can you relate to the seasons of the soul? What season is your soul experiencing?

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