Going to disappear for a while

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No, I am not working in a circus or anything! I’m actually leaving tomorrow to be part of a 4 day retreat called The Destiny Project. From my understanding it is out in the middle of Texas and there is no cell reception. I have heard a lot about this place called Hunt, Texas and will be spending the next four days in a very quiet and disconnected place.

This comes at such a good time and I do not think that is coincidental. If there has ever been a time that I just needed to disappear for a while, it is definitely now. My tank is running on fumes and the chaos around me wont seem to stop. So, I am grateful for a chance to go somewhere that will force some quiet and rest into my world, if even for four days!

So, I am going to take the next several days and post some of the top posts from the last 200 days. Don’t worry, I will be writing all weekend, as it is a very intuitive and creative type retreat! I may return with a whole host of new ideas (Let’s hope so!!) So, for the next few days, I hope you enjoy some of the favorite posts from readers this year!

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