Sometimes we have to prove ourselves wrong

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We all have milestones in our lives. Goals that we set for ourselves that we actually accomplish. Momentous occasions that celebrate our accomplishments. Dreams that we work hard for to see come into reality. Decisions that we make that positively alter the trajectory of our lives. Well, today, is one of those days for me! Two hundred days ago I set out to finally become more focused and disciplined in my writing. My goal was to write every day for a year and here I am about to click the button to schedule my 200th Post!! Two hundred?!? I am sort of blowing my own mind each time I type it out and see it on the screen.

I have had the reputation of being “a great starter” or a real “entrepreneur type.” With that comes the other side of the reality, which is that I often do not see projects to completion. I have had a reputation of starting things and handing them off or letting them slowly fade. I had my own reservations about making a commitment to blog every day for a year. I doubted my own ability, focus, and dedication. Often times, we are our own worse critic. We can become judgmental and critical of ourselves to the point that we defeat ourselves. The reality is that sometimes, we have to prove ourselves wrong!

I’m so happy today to be daily proving that critic that lives in me wrong!! It inspires me to believe in deeper ways that God really can do more in me than I could ever dream!

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