Oh, Sweet Rest

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Rest! Oh, Sweet Rest! Saturday is my day of rest. It is the day that I do not answer emails or phone calls. It is the day that I try to enjoy life and my family to the fullest. It is the day where I stop doing, working, talking, and thinking and I just take some time to BE. We often times underestimate how important simple rest is…to our minds, our bodies, and our souls. Our culture can often misinterpret true rest for laziness or lack of ambition. Taking deliberate and intentional time to rest from life and all that it throws us everyday is so important.

My husband leads a team at a global computer company. (I’ll give you a hint…it starts with -D and ends in -ell) He is a creative leader and recently read an article about American productivity. The premise of the theory he discovered was about creating an environment of freedom in the workplace. When workers have the freedom to rest, they actually become more productive. He began an experiment at the beginning of the summer where he encouraged his team to work hard Monday through Thursday. He rallied them to drive for results and really engage in their work those four days. He then gave them the freedom on Friday to rest and take a day to themselves.  The experience has proved that he has had higher engagement from his team during the week and they are well rested, which has increased their positive team dynamic.

I love the idea of being intentional about rest in order to make us more efficient in the rest of our lives. So, on that note, I am off to find Rest, Sweet Rest today! I hope you are able to find some too!

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