Use Your Heart Now


So, all families are different and have their own unique personalities and special memories. Mine is no exception. I come from a family where most of the grandchildren were born one right after the other. As the second and oldest girl, I had the privilege of a host of younger girl cousins that I adored, each for their own uniqueness. Over the years, that has not changed. My cousins are each amazing in their own personality and life. One thing that is true about my family is that we love with a crazy deep love.

Seven years ago, one of my dear cousins had a beautiful baby boy. He is one of the most incredible kids you will ever meet. His name is Jackson. From his birth, Jackson has been fighting for his life and experienced unexplained medical problems, one right after the other. He has such a strong spirit and was born with incredible strength and determination. At almost two years old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which answered many of the medical mysteries his parents and doctors were trying to discover, but was devastating still. He has undergone surgeries, therapies, treatments, stem cell therapy, and a host of other procedures to help improve his quality of life. Jackson truly inspires everyone he meets with his smile, his strength, and his determination. You can read more about the journey he has been on HERE.

A website has recently been set up as a fundraiser for Jackson’s medical needs. It’s called Use Your Heart Now. It was created by some of our family members who are dedicated to supporting Jackson and his family to improve his quality of life. The premise of the website is buy a photo, change a life. Amateur photographers have the opportunity to donate their work for Jackson’s cause. Everyone and anyone has the opportunity to buy some incredible images from all over the world. Every bit of the donation for the photos goes toward Jackson’s treatment and really does give him a fighting chance at a higher quality of life.

So, if you are an amateur photographer, would you consider some images that you can donate? If you love images, travel, and photography, would you consider visiting Use Your Heart Now and choosing a few images?

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