Back to square one

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So after 6 months of daily and consistent blogging, I somehow feel like I’m back to square one. When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was really writing about and had no direction. I spent the first three months just white knuckling the new discipline and learning consistency. I spent the second three months with intense focus and discipline writing about the 12 Steps. So, on the cusp of my new chapter of blogging, I’m feeling a bit lost.

I love the freedom to daily write what creative thing, story, or lesson has presented itself. Strangely, I also loved the focus and structure of knowing everyday what I was writing about. I guess in this next chapter I need to find a way for those two things to come together. It feels like I am back to Square one and just beginning to write.

Part of writing that has been powerful for me is that it provides me a place for my voice. I think I lost my voice, or the courage to use it, very early in life. It was a journey for God to heal the fear and insecurity around His desire for me to use my voice in positive ways. It seems He and I may be on a new leg of that same journey as I try to discover how He wants me to use it now.

Our voices are the very window to our heart and soul. Sometimes that window shows a beautiful view of how our character reflects the changes God has made in us…and other times the window reflects the ugliness He still is working to change. That reality can cause of to filter our voices in ways that disengage us from our purpose.

So, this week I will press through that filter and see what is here that I can focus on and how I can use my voice in a positive way.

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