Step 12.4

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Step Twelve says : Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs

When addiction controlled our life, celebration was not a regular occurrence in our lives. This is one of the big changes as we enter a lifestyle of recovery. We have a new self-awareness and our perspective is much more clear. We are able to see the growth, changes, and transformation in our lives. We see our relationships begin to change from unhealthy patterns, we see ourselves being less manipulative and controlling, we sense our humility increasing, we see our faith growing by relinquishing control, and we begin to look in the mirror at a new person that we respect and love.

Let’s break down the two components of this step, Spiritual awakening and carrying the message. I suppose a spiritual awakening can be described by each of us differently. It is generally a slow uncovering process of who controls our lives. We eventually recognize the ways that we have sought to control our lives and the world around us and we come to trust God to be in control. This develops a new sense of peace and serenity and we can confidently trust God to transform our lives. Carrying the message is also an individual expression of our recovery. We have received such an incredible gift and we want to share that freedom with others. We have experienced the powerful reality of God saving us from ourselves  and share that healing message with others.

Recovery is a process and it is a gradual change over time. Much like regeneration, it is not completely obvious at first. We slowly, day by day, become more and more of who God created us to be as we live in freedom. Part of our journey in moving forward is understanding these changes and being able to communicate them. Let’s explore these changes today.

  • How has my new behavior positively affected my life?
  • Explain what my life looked like before recovery.
  • Tell the story of how I entered recovery.
  • Explain my experience with Step Work.
  • Describe my spiritual awakening.
  •  Tell the story of my sponsor and the role they played in my recovery.
  • What does it look like for me to continue working the steps?

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