Step 12.3

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Step Twelve says : Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs

This step also reminds us that we have not completed recovery. We have just begun to learn how to incorporate these principles in our life and relationship with God. We must continue to be learners in recovery. When life starts to throw us curve balls, distract us, become complicated, and trigger old thoughts, attitudes, habits, and behaviors, we can use the steps as tools to respond in healthy ways. We can use them to help us learn and cope with our problems and be drawn back into relationship with God.

Recovery is a gift and it provides us a new perspective on ourselves, others, and God. When we actively share our journey with others, it continues to help us learn. As we tell our story to others about what we were like when our addiction was present, what helped convince us to enter recovery, and the transformation that has occurred in our lives, we learn more about ourselves and God. As we remember the path we have traveled, we keep denial, pride, arrogance, and apathy from subtly entering our thinking and prompting relapse. We also develop greater levels of humility and compassion as we step into the lives of others bound by addiction.

Today let’s explore some of the transformation you’ve experienced and consider how that can help others.

  • Have I developed a more healthy self-awareness? Describe.
  • Am I being less dependent on others for my happiness? Explain.
  • Have I stopped seeking approval from others? Describe.
  • Am I developing relationships with healthy people? Explain.
  • Have I become more attentive to my own needs? Describe.
  • How can God use these things to help others?

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