Step 10.4

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Step Ten says : Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

This Step and the two that follow we are developing a completely new way of relating and living. These principles become the foundation for our recovery and spiritual growth.  Keith Miller states it this way,

Step Ten shows us how to keep our lives and relationships clear and uncluttered each day and to keep expanding our awareness and our gratitude. We are now well into the spiritual part of the program, and we have been ever since we grasped at Step Seven the understanding that only God can do the transforming work required for us to grow spiritually. A part of this growth is an expanding awareness of God’s will. It seems that unless we can begin to evaluate life from God’s perspective, we cannot grow.

I was reminded this week of a very well-worn saying in recovery that says, “This is not a program for those who need it or for those who want it, it is a program that works those who work it!” God begins to do massive transformation in us when we work the steps and their underlying principle into our everyday lives. We use steps one through three on a daily basis. Life will continue to throw us curve balls and relationships will have ebb and flow. It is in these spaces that our old thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors will rear their ugly heads, often times uninvited.

In everyday life, relationships, situations, and events can create the perfect storm to trigger us in unexpected ways. In that case we chose to go back to Step One through Three and remind ourselves of our powerlessness, God’s power to restore us, and surrender to His care. We can then choose to do a spot-check inventory and examine our character. Step Six and Seven bring another level of transformation the situation and to our life. The results of that can also mean that we make amends due to our actions. This is what recovery looks like as we continue to live and breathe the steps in partnership with God. It is a fight for our souls, that we must stay humbly engaged in and not quit.

  • What reservations do I have about continuing the steps in everyday life?
  • How do I feel about the phrase that the program is for those who work it?
  • Where do I struggle with the discipline of daily habits? Explain
  • How difficult is it for me to see my inventory and admit my wrongs?
  • Which defect or behavior do I need to work on this week?
  • Have I expected my character defects to just disappear because of the steps? Explain.




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