Step 10.3

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Step Ten says : Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

It is not uncommon that after achieving sobriety and staying clean for a time, we begin to think that means all of our other defects are gone as well. It can seem like “our work here is done!” That would actually mean we had somehow achieved perfection and no longer had flaws, weaknesses, or needed development in any area of our lives. It is very subtle, but this kind of thinking creeps in at just this point in recovery to almost all of us. I confess that this very line of thinking is directly related to my past relapses. Each time it tries to find its way back into the halls of my thinking, I am reminded of the scripture that says,

If you think you are standing strong, be careful not to fall.

Step Ten gently reminds us WHEN we are wrong, it took me a while to realize I had put the IF into my own thinking. It says, WHEN we are wrong, we promptly admit it. When we are free of our addiction, it is amazing and we feel as if we have come back to life for the first time! It is a harsh reality for us to realize that we have layers of development for God to continue to transform our relationship with Him, with ourselves, and with others. Making inventory a consistent part of our daily journey and admitting our faults is a powerful part of that transformation. It gives us the space to continue to practice humility as we grow in our character and it gives God permission to do the forgiving and cleansing that brings life change.

Let’s take a deeper look int this principle in our lives.

  • What do my relational boundaries look like right now? Describe
  • Are there any in particular that could use some repair and/or reinforcement? Explain
  • Are there patterns in my Step Ten that were also present in my Step Four?
  • Which ones? What does that reveal about me?
  • Is it difficult for me to “promptly admit” when I am wrong? Why?
  • How does anger show up in my life? relationships?
  • How does resentment show up in my life? relationships?
  • How does fear show up in my life? relationships?
  • Can I “promptly admit” these things? Explain

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