Step 10.2

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Step Ten says : Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

There are several kinds of inventory you can learn to take regularly.

  1. Spot Check – This is inventory you take on and off throughout your day to check in with your attitude and behavior. It can be very useful in stressful situations and keeps us in touch with our feelings, motives, and thoughts. It is a good way to live free of anger, resentment, and unforgiveness. As you do your regular spot checks, it can also free you up to keep very short accounts with people and live humbly with others as you take responsibility for your behavior. It is powerful to learn the humility and surrender to God and be “in the moment” with our inventory and relationships.
  2. Daily Inventory – This is inventory you become disciplined with and do consistently. It is our constant reminder that recovery is one day at a time. This daily touch point keeps us surrendered and humble towards God. It also centers us in the present and what God is doing in us right now. It is a great way to prevent us from living in our past or worrying about our future. It is important to also include in this inventory assets and positive character traits you exhibited that day.
  3. Deep Dive – This is inventory that you do once or twice a month or year. You can do it by spending a day alone and reflecting on your life. Setting aside a day of solitude where you are completely alone with God and examining your soul, your spiritual growth, and your life can be a powerfully enriching experience. It gives you a chance to straighten out anything that is off track, check in with priorities, and assess your motives and intentions. It also gives you a chance to celebrate milestones, transformation, and growth.

So today, let’s consider these three kinds of inventory as we do some investigation into our souls.

  • How much success have you had with regular personal habits like reading, exercise, journaling, etc? Explain.
  • What is your greatest roadblock to consistent daily habits?
  • Are there self defeating behaviors that bump into the development of these habits? Describe in detail.
  • What are your feelings about each of these types of inventory?
  • What is your current opinion of yourself and your progress in recovery?
  • How has God shown up in unexpected ways on this journey? Explain.

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