Step 10.1

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Step Ten says : Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

Congratulations! You have reached a milestone in your recovery and I celebrate that with you! Recovery is a process, not an event. And so, we find ourselves at Step Ten, and it is all about the healthy care and protection of the work God is doing in us. It is often called “the maintenance” step. It is about sustaining the work we have already done. It is daily walking Steps Four through Nine as our souls continue to grow.

Many experience amazing peace and serenity at this stage of recovery. Mostly because they have been clean for an extended period of time and that always feel good, but also because they have done the hard work of spring cleaning their souls and relationships. Through the process of surrender and humility, we find ourselves experiencing life very differently. Many begin to wonder at this point if it is just temporary and to cherish the memories of peace and serenity. By daily working the steps and relying on God’s presence and participation, we can become very comfortable in this newfound peace and serenity.

Step Ten offers us the opportunity for continued spiritual growth. We no longer have unresolved fear, resentment, or hurtful relational patterns. We daily acknowledge our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and take ownership for them. We look at ourselves honestly, we see our errors and we promptly confess them, and we humbly seek God’s direction to correct them. Taking a daily inventory is not a lengthy process. It is usually about a fifteen minute reflection. It is an important part of our recovery because it helps us keep a pulse on our recovery. If and when old patterns of behavior, attitudes, and dysfunctional relational habits begin to appear, we are immediately conscious of it and invite God into those character defects.

We will discuss this step at length and I will give you some work and exercises to do this week. For today, I’d like you to practice your first Step Ten inventory. Take about 15 minutes to quietly reflect on your day yesterday. In your notebook, write out anything you recognize as something you need to own, confess, and make amends for?

  • Was I selfish or self-seeking?
  • Was I isolated or withdrawn?
  • Did I manipulate or control?
  • Was I bitter or jealous?
  • Was I  inconsiderate or dishonest?
  • Did I surrender to God?
  • Was I fearful or suspicious?
  • Was I humble?

Promptly take care of the things on this list by following what you have learned and practiced in Steps Four through Nine.

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