Step 3.2

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Step Three states: We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him.

It is our attempt to be God that has held us in the prison of addiction. We have been under the false delusion that we are in control. It is that very delusion that has also had us trapped in denial. Admitting that we are not in control, that our compulsions and addictions actually have control of us, and that we are responsible for the chaos, is far too difficult. We falsely sense that if we were to admit those things it would make us a “bad person.” Denial becomes the only method of survival in that reality. Denial acts as blinders that prevent us from seeing the truth about ourselves and therefore prevent us or others from confronting the truth. Step Three is the very thing that unlocks the trap we find ourselves in.

Step Three is an affirmative Step. The first two steps are about uncovering patterns, taking the blinders off, and discovering new ideas. Step Three is about acting on everything we’ve discovered. Accepting God’s leadership over our lives can be very difficult, especially when we have been comfortably seated in that place for quite some time.   However, often time the alternative can be far more difficult. When our addiction threatens to destroy our very life, our job, our family, our health, or our sanity, accepting God’s guidance might be a bit easier. The reality that the most beautiful things in our lives are being destroyed by our addictions can be discouraging and even feel hopeless. It’s in that place, that our discoveries prompt us to surrender to God.

So, grab your notebook and let’s dive in today ::

  • Can I remember being given specific messages to not let any else have control? (Do it yourself, Never ask for help, etc)
  • When did I hear those messages? What has been the consequence in my life?
  • Describe my feelings when I think about giving my whole life, my will, my future, my dreams, etc to God?
  • What things in my life cause me to know I need to turn my life over to God?
  • Which parts of my life are most difficult to turn over to God? Why?
  • What is my greatest fear when I think about this step? What might happen to me? What might God do to me?
  • What might happen if I decide NOT to take this step?

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