Step 2.1

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Step Two states: We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

The reality of recovery is that it is a season of insanity! If we did Step One properly, today we are left with a strange new sense of emptiness. The question we ask is, “If I am powerless to change – myself, my life, and addictions – then I need to find something that can.” Step Two begins the process of us seeking a source, outside of ourselves, to restore us to sanity. When we honestly accept the fact that we are not God, it opens a door to explore faith in a new way.

Step Two is about building faith, trust, and belief. We can prepare for Step Two by recognizing that we don’t know everything about our Higher Power.  We each enter this pursuit of Faith with distorted views of God based on our childhood, religious background, and life experiences. Psychologists have done extensive research around the theory that our perception of God, both positive and negative, is often formed by our relationships with our mother and father. We often have the conception that God is cruel, absent, passive, abusive, judgemental, or any other number of things related to our experiences.

Faith is such an intangible and abstract thing to pursue. Faith is not intellectual, it is not deserved, it is not manufactured, it is not inherited, it is not scientific, and it is not earned. Faith is about establishing a relationship with our Creator. A relationship that is alive, active, and powerful as He intersects us at our point of recovery. In order to build a relationship, with anyone, it takes time to get to know them. There is a period of time that is about discovery of characteristics, personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Step Two is about entering that season of discovery and trying to come to know God and His true nature.

I recognize that this step can present some major obstacles. Some of you are currently atheists, agnostics, and come from a diverse religious and spiritual background. I respect that and respect how difficult this step can be. God is willing to be anonymous for a time as you try to discover who He is and how He works. I would just ask that you come along this week with an open mind and open heart. My greatest challenge to you would be to open your eyes this week, as you recognize your powerlessness, and see if you can’t see a Higher Power showing up for you in tangible ways. What you might brush off as coincidence, could that be God trying to show you His love for you? The situation that seems beyond human construction, could that be the Creator showing up with grace?

Take some time today to answer some of these questions ::

  • In what ways do you see your behavior as insane?
  • List some experiences that have caused you to lose faith in God
  • What is keeping you from truly believing that a power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity?

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