Step 1.3

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Step One states: We admitted we were powerless over our problems and that our lives have become unmanageable.

 One of the big questions that gets asked from people newly in recovery is, “Why does it say we?” The we is the first step out of the isolation that addiction drives us to. When I begin to look at my recovery in connection to a group of other people, I am required to step out of isolation and into community. It requires me to let go of my image management, individualism, and pride.

Recovery requires us to take off the blinders that prevent us from seeing ourselves as we really are. We have had a faulty sense of control, convincing ourselves that we can stop or change whenever we want.  There is something powerful that happens when we step into an environment of respectful open sharing with others in recovery. I’m not sure that I can fully explain it, but I will try. When I am drowning in the reality of who I really am by examining the feelings, behavior, and people I am powerless over, I need a lifeline. When we step into a meeting and hear people sharing their recovery experiences, strength, and hope, it inspires us. When we hear others humbly accepting personal responsibility for their behavior, it motivates us. When we listen to others discovering more of who God is, it teaches us. When we experience others sharing the contrast between their hopeless past and the future that lies before them, it encourages us.

Meetings are an important part of this road to recovery. There are meetings that allow you to try to discover God in the midst of the program or meetings that allow you to celebrate His presence on your journey.  For some of you, it might be a local 12 step group that meets in a library or recreation center. For others, it might be a small group that you find through a local church. Whichever you prefer for this season, I’m going to challenge you to find one. Here are some suggestions and websites for you, but I encourage you to find a meeting you are comfortable with so that you are experiencing the WE of recovery!

Global websites::

Alcoholics anonymous

National websites::


Celebrate Recovery

Codependents anonymous

Gamblers anonymous

Overeaters anonymous

Pornography Addicts anonymous

Sex Addicts anonymous

Workaholics anonymous

Austin area Meeting information:

Gateway Church – Restore 12 Step

Alcoholics anonymous – Austin


Codependents anonymous – Texas

Narcotics anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts anonymous

For those of you outside the US, I would encourage you to Google 12 Step meetings and it should bring up what is local to your continent, country, and city. If you cannot find a meeting near you, leave me a comment and I will do my best to help you find a local resource.

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