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I like to think of the 12 Steps as a tool. A tool used to build, remodel, or construct a healthy life. The 12 Steps are like the railroad tracks laid down in order to guide the train of our life in a new direction. They contain powerful and challenging spiritual lessons that allow our lives to be transformed from bondage to freedom. Each step is an individual task and prepares us for the next step. They all work collectively to provide deeper connection to God and transformation.

Understand this journey is not without its challenges and difficulties. The road to recovery is often paved with difficult legs and painful passages. Know this, as you focus your energy, apply your courage, and be willing to receive grace along the way, you will find this the most rewarding journey you have ever taken. This is a journey that we do not walk alone, because it is a journey that leads us deeper into relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Hopefully this week has laid the groundwork for you to understand a bit more about recovery and has given you a framework to think about it. I hope that in your personal ponderings you’ve also been able to locate the areas in your life in need of transformational recovery.

Now it’s time to decide if you are going to accept the challenge to travel this road to recovery for the next 12 weeks. You may decide it is not for you and decide to “lose” or delete this blog address. I am completely ok with that, it’s been a pleasure having you along. If, on the other hand, you do want to come along…you may want to do a couple of things

  1. Subscribe to this Blog so that you get the post in your email each morning. You could also bookmark the Home page to make it easily accessible.
  2. Grab a notebook. You will want to record your honest responses, thoughts, insights, and discoveries along the way.

For now, focus on this reproducible sheet from 12 Steps :: A Spiritual Journey. It is called MILESTONES IN RECOVERY and will serve as a great motivation for you in this journey! You will all have a chance to come along to Haiti with me for the next week and then we will dive into Step One! For today, sit with these thoughts, process deeply, ask, and consider whether this may be a road you’d like to travel.

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