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I spent the day yesterday doing nothing but being quiet. It was so refreshing. It was exactly what I needed. We live and work so fast. Sometimes the speed at which we live our lives, does nothing but bring us exhaustion and brings it at high-speed.

One thing I noticed yesterday was how uncomfortable, at first, it felt to do nothing. When you are running at break neck speed and you finally stop…it just doesn’t feel right. I was experiencing the sensation of what it feels like to be running on a treadmill and then suddenly be standing on solid ground. Once I got acclimated to the strange new sensation of stillness and quietness, I settled in just fine.

It did not take long until I realized why we are moving so fast. Quietness brings a very clear, very sharp, and very loud conversation about who you are. I quickly became aware of my life, my heart, and my soul in the quietness. As much as I needed the rest I knew the quietness would bring, I needed to have the blinders fall off my eyes so that I could see myself more clearly.

My quiet time quickly became a very active conversation with God about my weaknesses, my pain, and my fear. I think God loves to hear us be honest about our hearts, and He definitely responded to me in that conversation. Thankfully, He also shared with me some of the good things about me that He loves.

I wonder what a day of quiet would reveal to you? Maybe it’s time to get off the treadmill for just a bit and see what it reveals.

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