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Eighty. It’s a number that always reminds me of a story I love,  Eighty days around the world. Today, in my case, it is more like, Eighty days around this blog. Today is my 80th post! I have been all over the map and not entirely focused, but I have – without question – been consistent. So, here are a couple of things I’ve learned in the last 80 days.

  • Discipline is not evil – My natural tendency is to be flexible, spontaneous, and, yes…undisciplined. I have always allowed discipline to be evil in my life, mostly as a valid excuse to avoid it. I have learned in the last 8o days, that discipline helps me stay focused, be more productive, and…most importantly…accomplish things I previously thought of as impossible!
  • Writing is Learning – There is something that clicks in my brain when I write. I have to really focus my thoughts on a particular topic. When I do that, with the intent to write, I seem to learn. It’s this strange connection between my thoughts, my experiences, and my creativity. Somehow the collision of the three in one focused place, brings a new depth of insight and learning.
  • Motivation is important – I’ve learned 2 sides of this lesson. Motivation has been important for me as I continue to daily write. It has been important for me to find the focus that motivates me to continue and not quit.  But, through many of you, I’ve also learned that motivation is important to you as well. In most of my personality tests, motivation is a leading gift or skill that I somehow possess naturally. I’ve never really seen that as an asset, but have recently been learning, it actually is an important thing for me to share and give away.

So, on this 80th day, I am going to celebrate the lessons I’ve learned along the way! I also look forward to the lessons I will learn in the next 80 days!

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