Open Door

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Something gets said. You read it again in another context. The subject finds its way into a conversation. These are the times when you recognize that it’s time to open your ears and take notice. Recently, a topic that’s calling me to pay attention is one of open doors. As I think about open doors I am reminded of an image I took a couple of years ago. We were in Dublin at Christ Church cathedral and on the side of the old building I stumbled upon these doors. The scale of this photo probably doesn’t translate the enormity of the doors, but they were massive. I stood at them wondering whether they had ever been opened. I stood and thought about how long they might have been closed. I really wanted to find a way to push them open!

Open doors can symbolize so many things. An open door can say, “I’m available.” or “I want you to join me.” I often speak of having an “Open Door Policy,” which means I want to be available for conversation, questions, etc. Open doors speak volumes to me. They speak of opportunity, hope, connection, and availability.  Our lives bear so much similarity to the doors. We can live with the doors of our lives closed, locked, and inaccessible to anyone wishing to enter. We can even post signs and create environments that make it clear we do not want anyone to enter. We can stand tall and intimidating to anyone brave enough to broach our threshold. The problem with this way of living is that no one ever gets to come through our doors! We find ourselves isolated and lonely, much like these gorgeous doors.

Doors are meant to serve a purpose of creating a passageway for travelers. They are meant to be open and closed and meant to be have travelers through them. Our lives can serve the same purpose. Our lives can be open for travelers who might need passageway. Our lives can become a place where people find acceptance, love, and kindness. I deeply desire to live my life in an “Open Door” fashion. A life where people can see God standing at the threshold offering hope, opportunity, inspiration, connection, and relationship. What about you? What kind of life are you living? When others approach the door to your life, what do they find?

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