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Chips are a big deal in the recovery world. They are a tangible reminder of the mountain you have just climbed. They remind you how far you’ve come and motivate you to keep going. If there was a chip for crazy ladies who make a commitment to write everyday for a year….I would have received my 60 day chip ten days ago! That’s a big deal for this terribly undisciplined human at the end of the these fingers! I may have to make a chip for myself. I could create some sort of little blogging chip with a keyboard on it. I could make a series of chips leading up to the mother of all chips, 365.

Its got me thinking, Why is that such a big deal for me? As I examine it a bit further, I realize something about myself. My relationship with God motivates me to spend my life on others. My husband and children have received the greatest parts of me. The investments and sacrifices I have made in their lives and relationships have been profound. I’ve spent years volunteering for different organizations, churches, schools, non-profits, etc. This is probably one of the first things I’ve done, in my adult life,that was really God asking me to do something for me…besides my recovery, of course.

In light of my desire to quit yesterday, this idea of a 60 day chip motivates me more. I sure don’t want to go back to Day One and have to start all over again! My mind is spinning on the similarities of recovery and how I’ve been feeling about writing. God definitely has a sense of humor and tends to embed lessons in every situation. Makes me wonder if this journey is another level of my own personal healing and recovery. I’m glad He chose this part of my path to be a creative process!

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