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The world is responding to the news that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. There is an eerie sigh of relief from this nation today. The question has always been asked, “Do you remember where you were on 911?” I’m not sure there are many Americans who don’t remember that tragic day. We will always remember.

I wonder if we will remember more than just the tragedy. Do we remember the incredible spirit of Americans who rushed to help? Do we remember a nation that suddenly dropped to its knees and recognized what was really important? Do we remember the unity that day inspired in this nation of individuals? Do we remember neighbor reaching out to neighbor? Do we remember the heroic sacrifices made in those days and months?

The tenth anniversary of 911 is quickly approaching. The families are healing. The Pentagon has been repaired. The city of New York is rebuilding. What of the American Spirit? Does our remembering that day inspire us to remember what is really important…People! Let’s not lose sight of what we remember. We don’t remember and mourn the World Trade Center. We remember the people. It has been said that “Tragedy inspires us to become better or bitter.” My prayer, America, is that we would be better as we remember how 911 inspired the best in us!

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