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This week our nation was struck by massive tornados, the kind that many of us will never see or experience. The kind that destroys lives, families, and communities. It has brought the sort of devastation that leaves scars many will never see. The American Red Cross is responding quickly and people from all over the country are arriving with assistance. Many of us will watch the images, discuss the impact…but do nothing, take no action.

We are no longer a society of sacrifice, concerned for our fellow countrymen. As a matter of fact, in our current culture, sacrifice is a dirty word! Why would I work so hard to earn things for myself and my family and then just give it away to people I don’t know? Sacrifice is something our grandparents knew about, but somehow we missed the memo! We could be the genaration to turn this around. We can teach our children to think about others. We could teach them to live as citizens of a community, rather than individuals in a world of one.

My prayer is that we, as Americans, will wake up and start to live the real American Dream, the one that our founding fathers dreamed, sacrificed, and died to create. It was not a competitive pursuit for more stuff. It was not an insatiable pursuit for more power. It was not an egostistical desire for more status. Their dream was far different than what you and I are living for today.

I wonder what you and I could go without this week to help and assist our fellow countrymen who’ve lost everything. Could we do without two coffees this month? Could we wait a month to buy that new toy we’ve been saving for? Could we give instead of save? Let’s not just watch the images, discuss the impact…Let’s take action! Let’s make a sacrifice!

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