My kids started a business last year breeding and raising rabbits. It has been such a great life experience and lesson in responsibility, organization, and financial planning. The care of the rabbits and their space has been a big commitment and required lots of dedication. It has it’s difficult lessons as well. Mother rabbits are not always successful with their first few litters. There is also a delicate balance of learning the genetic propensity of certain male and females and their combinations. One thing we didn’t expect was birth defects. We’ve recently had a couple of litters with genetic abnormalities and defects and that is a new experience for the kids to work through. Most of the babies born with defects just don’t make it. They are weakened and unable to remain healthy and grow. We are quickly learning that in order to keep the other babies healthy, we have to remove those with defects.

Our recent escapades in “Rabbit World” have been a fresh and physical reminder for me of Step Six. It says, We’re entirely ready to have God remove all these defect of character. Our spirits and lives are deeply impacted by our character defects. Much like the baby bunnies, our character defects weaken our ability to remain healthy and grow. In my experience, Step Six can often be overlooked and underworked. There are two nuances to it that can make it a real challenge.

One of the interesting and challenging bits to Step Six is always the entirely ready piece. In my own recovery, I have definitely gotten to the place where I’m sort of ready, or almost ready. I’ve also been at a place where I wish I was entirely ready or really wanted to be entirely ready. My desire to be healthy and to grow is what most often propels me to be entirely ready.

The other nuance, is that the removing of the defect is God’s work and not mine. Recovery always feels like work and sometimes we forget that only part of the work is ours. The part of this step that is my work is being entirely ready, the part of removing the defects is God’s work. My willingness gives Him the space and permission to do His work! It’s so easy in recovery to get into the thinking pattern of “I’m never going to do that again!” or “That’s the last time!” The unfortunate reality of addiction is that if we had the power to stop or ability to remove our addiction…we would have already done it.

Addiction keeps us stuck. Our willingness is the lock on the door and God is the holder of the key to freedom! My focus for today is to honestly acknowledge those defects in myself and see how they are obstacles to my health and growth and to be entirely ready for their removal!

2 thoughts on “Defects

  1. Lisa, thank you for sharing!! I was just talking to a friend last night about this EXACT same thing! Lord, I am willing, SO willing and ready, but when will they be fully removed? What am I missing? He holds the key. I’ll let Him work.

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