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One of my favorite hobbies is travel. I adore going to new places, seeing new sights, and experiencing new things. The one thing I really love about traveling is that it is always full of surprises! As a recovering control freak, I used to try to plan out every possible detail of our trips. So much in fact that my family has teased me with the repeated vacation phrase, “We’re on a tight schedule of fun!” Thankfully, my recovery from the need to control the world has freed me up to live in my natural propensity for flexibility and spontaneity. So the surprises of new and unknown adventure is my favorite part of travel!

Life, it seems, is very much the same way. It always has surprise and adventure around every corner. Living with our eyes open to the people around us and our ears open to the needs around us can be an exciting adventure! In a recent conversation, it has been brought to my attention that not everyone thinks and lives this way. Sometimes it takes a change in thinking or a new framework for perception, but every day can be a new adventure. Creating space in our days for adventure and surprise is not natural to everyone. Living life in an “other-focused” attitude is not the framework for everyone’s existence. I can acknowledge the truth in that, but I just can’t settle in it. I can’t accept that is “just the way it is.” We CAN be different!

We can live our lives in an attitude of adventure and spontaneity. I realize that is extremely counter cultural. I mean, let’s face it, we are a culture of control freaks! Here in America it is beautifully masked as “Ambition” and “Success.” And yet the counter-intuitive truth is that our desire and need to control is most often birthed in fear, anxiety, and insecurity. What if we made a conscious decision to be honest with ourselves, God, and someone else about our need to control things? What if we found a way to see that pattern removed from our life experience? What amazing adventures could be just waiting on the other side of surrender?

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