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Today I am happy to have my first guest author, a teenager from our community. This was a creative writing piece she wrote in response to the recent tragedies in our community. The piece is called Deeper

The events of the past week ran on a loop in my mind as I made my way out onto the ledge. My emotions were running wild and kept getting more intense with every step I took. Anger, sadness, guilt, betrayal. I could hardly decipher between them any more. They grew stronger inside me like a flame licking at my soul slowly growing and illuminating the darkness around me. I had to get this out somehow. I had to get a rush. How wonderful it would feel to just forget. As I approached the edge of the cliff my mind was brought back to the present.I suddenly became aware of the pungent smell of the sea. After making a few more cautious steps, I came to a halt. Only one step stood between me and the rolling ocean 100 feet below. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins as if it were bursting to get out. A shiver ran down my spine and my mind started racing. This was crazy! But somehow, I found the courage to go on. I took the final step and then jumped. Gravity propelled me through the air as I fell down, down, down. At that  moment nothing in the world could hold me back. I was free. Free from pain. Free from worry. Free from the world around me. But all too suddenly I hit the water with a deafening crash. The sound echoed in my ears as I sank deeper and deeper. Suddenly all the euphoric feelings I had moments before evaporated as if they had never existed. I was disoriented and confused. Which way was up? I was so deep that I didn’t know if I could ever get back out. A realization hit me then. What was the point anyway? I guess that’s how life is, right? A few short moments of happiness only to be followed by pain. What really is there to live for? I might as well just give up. I have the power to end it now. Who will really care? Who will really notice?

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