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So, it’s been said that I exaggerate. Although, I would contend that often times it is more “dramatic interpretation” than exaggeration. 😀 I have one friend, who will remain unnamed due to confidentiality, that likes to tease me mercilessly about it! I suppose if I stop and take an honest look, I can confess that I do have a tendency to exaggerate…sometimes.

I recently came across a thought that I found very interesting. The author of a book I was reading said, “You can’t exaggerate God.” I wasn’t sure if he was challenging me to try or just making a statement. I have not been able to get the phrase out of my head for days. I can probably exaggerate just about anything, especially if I really focus!

Funny thing about God, though, is that only when you truly experience Him can you see how big He really is. Prior to having a relationship with God, I didn’t even acknowledge His existence, or possibility of His existence. I certainly didn’t think about how big He was. During that season,  I might have even exaggerated why He didn’t exist and wasn’t real. Truth is, at that point in my life, He wasn’t real. Hearing about God, reading about God, knowing about God, is a very different place than experiencing Him.

Let me paint a picture…I say, “I know President Obama.” The truth of that statement is that I know of President Obama. I know what others say about him and I know what I read about him, but I don’t have a relationship with him! I have not experienced him in relationship, therefore, I only know of him. If, on the other hand, I say, “I know my husband.” The truth of that statement runs deep. I know the good, the bad, and the ugly about him. I know his gifts, talents, and spirit. I know his heart, what makes it joyful and what breaks it. I know his hopes and his dreams. I have experienced him in relationship, and can truly say that I know him.

Connecting these thoughts brings into more clear focus my love for God, not just my knowledge of Him. I have actually experienced that He is so big that I can’t exaggerate Him. I have seen Him rescue addicts, heal their addictions, and watch  them help and inspire countless others. I have seen Him take shattered marriages doomed for failure and restore them. I have watched Him take hurting and broken souls and transform them to experience joy and freedom.

He has made changes in me that I could never make by myself! He took a very broken and angry little girl and transformed her into the woman I am today, and I know that  brings Him joy! When I start to think about His love for me, I absolutely know that I could never exaggerate that, even if I really focused! I have experienced it in countless and sometimes unexplainable ways…and I am changed because of it!

I wonder, where are you with these thoughts? Does God seem like a myth or fairy tale? Do you know of God, but have not experienced Him in relationship? Take some time today to wonder and explore.

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