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When you think of the word small, what do you think about…microscopic cells? Tiny creatures barely visible with the human eye? A newborn baby? The other day the realization came to me that I am small. I live in the United States and everything is BIG here. Add to that, I live in Texas, where everything is BIGGER! The culture that surrounds me tries to convince me that I am Big.

An event occurred this weekend that brought laser focus to this idea and my mind has been spinning that thought. It is so easy for me to think that I am anything but small. It’s easy to feel like I am able to control, handle, and will my world to be what I want it to be. I seem to take center stage in a self-crafted one-act play. The play has one actor, me. One director, me. And the plot is solely focused on…you guessed it, me! In one moment everything can change and bring the reality of our fragility right in front of our face! Life is fragile and I am not in control of my own or anyone else’s. This weekend I learned…I am small.

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