God Texts

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“Moooom, you’re getting a text!” my daughter yelled from the other room.

“Who is it from?” I asked

“It’s God!” she yelled, “God is pretty routine with his texts. He doesn’t miss a beat!”

No, God is not really texting me, although that would be so cool! Actually, I am reading a book called Soul Revolution with some friends and we are doing the 60/60 experiment from the book. It’s basically an experiment in which you set a watch or clock (in my case, the Iphone app) to go off every hour. The beeper acts as a reminder to connect with God and be open to the things He is doing in, through, and around you in that moment.

My kids have gotten so used to the “God texts” that they have almost started teasing me about it. One of them will hear my phone and see what it is and check in to see if I’m connected to God. Or the other will see it go off and halt their conversation with me so that I can take a minute to be quiet in that space.

If I’m being honest, I agreed to the project because I love the friends I am doing it with and am always happy to share experiences with them as they grow on their journeys. It has definitely been a positive experience for God and I and I am grateful for the ways He has shown up for me. But the one thing I never thought about, was how it might impact my kids.

They are again, and as always, my greatest teachers and most motivating relationships! What about you? Are there things you are doing or saying that is having a surprisingly positive impact on your kids, family, co-workers?

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