Beautiful Mess

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A very dear friend (one of my Running Partners) and I had an interesting conversation and prayer time that led to her reflecting how God celebrates me and my “Beautiful Mess.” The thought was deeply comforting in the moment, and it has lingered in my soul this week. It’s been an interesting thought to really sit with and ponder.

A delayed response, was, “I’m not a mess!” and as I heard that in my head, I almost laughed audibly! I have even written the truth here several times this week that I am “up and down and all over town!” I stopped and created some space to wonder why that was such an instinctual response. I am discovering there is this quiet little perfectionist that lives inside my head. Most days my artistic side dominates my world and the perfectionist never has a chance to surface. The creativity swirls around so loudly and colorfully that nothing of order can seem to exist in my head. But, when an uncomfortable truth is spoken to me, the little perfectionist surfaces so quickly, that I am not even conscious of her appearance! This duality is definitely something I need to explore further. This serves as one more piece of evidence that we are not meant to live our lives without relational community!

For today though, I’m going to let the artist in me relish in the truth that my mess and all the chaos that comes with it is beautiful. Even if it is only in the eyes of God, I am a Beautiful Mess and so are YOU!

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