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Today, I’m thinking a lot about perspective. We were in New York last week and I, of course, had my camera at the ready everywhere we went. It was interesting thinking about the city from different perspectives. At the base of the Empire State building it was busy, noisy, smelly, and dirty. I took a photograph of the building from the street and the perspective was architecturally interesting. But, once we were on top, the whole world changed. The city went on forever and seemed to be frozen still, as if there was nothing moving on the street. It was strangely peaceful, clean, and quiet. The photographs I took from that perspective were breathtaking. The contrast between the two perspectives was astonishing!

I’m pondering that experience today and seeing how applicable it is to my own life. I can stand on the street of my life and hear the noise, be distracted by the smells, and be swallowed up by all the motion. That perspective leaves me feeling frustrated, defeated, and overwhelmed. I realize that I also have the choice to take the elevator to the top! I can choose to view my life from a more divine perspective, where my future goes on forever, and things on the street seem still, and where there is calm and peace.

A change in perspective today can bring me closer to peace, closer to freedom, and closer to beauty. It can also bring a change in the way I view myself, my life, and others! What about you? Do you need to take an elevator ride to the top of your life and view it from a different perspective?

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