Mentor a Child

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Friday is here. It’s my day off, which means no email, no strategy meetings, and no phone calls. It means time to rest, to unwind, and to have fun. It also means something new for me, mentoring.

I learned this year that the Texas Departments of Corrections sets their ten year budget based on the reading tests scores of Texas third graders. The city of Austin, and surrounding areas is taking the idea of mentoring school kids seriously. Local school districts are partnering with non-profits and churches to try and provide thousands of mentors for local students. So, I jumped at the challenge and now spend an hour every Friday with a gentle spirited and shy 7th grade girl at Wiley Middle School.

Mentoring is one of the most underrated forms of relationship. There have been so many people in my life who “accidentally” mentored me. It was nothing formal. There was no plan or agenda, and often times they didn’t even know they were mentoring me. I was just watching them live and catching the things that I needed to catch. When we humbly step into the life of another, with no agenda and no selfish motives, it is transformational for both people. I have no idea where to take this girl, how to get her to open up, help her trust me, or challenge her in helpful ways. It’s a complete mystery.

Something beautifully mysterious happens when we choose to give our life away, expecting nothing in return. So, I’m ready, bring on the mystery!!

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