Forgotten Treasure

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While this is my first blog and first attempt at consistently writing, I have been writing for many years. I have written short stories, poems, stories for kids, and mostly journals. This week, I found some old writings and journal entries and think I may pull some out from time to time. Reading my own words from the past actually inspire and motivate me on my journey now!

November 6, 2004

I am extremely unsure of myself as a person first, but also as a writer. As I embark on this unknown journey, it scares me. I know that I enjoy writing and I relish in words on a daily basis. I love the spoken word and I love the written word. Words in and of themselves when strung together with creativity and eloquence can move hearts and spirits. They can motivate, inspire, and challenge. I recognize that the only way my words, written or otherwise, can do those things is if they are given to me by God. My finite mind cannot put words together in any form of creativity or eloquence that move hearts and souls without the direction and leading of the Holy Spirit! I can be quippy and I can come up with relevant word pictures until I am blue in the face, but MY words will not reach people in a profound way! Because obedience has never been a quality I possess in masses, writing is a scary journey. I realize that I can rely solely on my love for the word and my creative energy and my writing is going to flounder at best! Or I can choose to be obedient to the ideas, time, and words that God provides for me and He will establish my desire and gift.
A blast from my past still rings true for me today, maybe more so, and inspires me. Looks like we can revisit the whole “obedience” piece at a later date….again!

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